Safely Reopening Factories


Factories are essential to the US economy—this fact hasn’t changed from the pre COVID-19 era to now. Manufacturers produce goods that people and businesses constantly need, so a COVID outbreak would have significant repercussions. From a health perspective, if workers fall ill, they risk life-threatening consequences. And from an economic perspective, there would be an extremely costly domino effect— shortages of human resources would lead to delays in production and factories potentially shutting down entirely. Factories would also have to bear the heavy financial burdens of workers’ compensation claims.

In manufacturing plants, people typically work in close quarters. Workers assemble products in tightly-packed assembly lines and rest in communal areas. These plants have started implementing safety measures, with physical barriers between workspaces and appropriate social distancing, but even these measures do not eliminate the risk of COVID-19 entering and spreading. And this is why testing is so important. With regular testing, manufacturing plants easily identify and isolate potentially infectious individuals, as well as alleviate anxieties about the safety of their workers as they continue operations. A large-scale testing plan will help safeguard facilities from a COVID outbreak and, therefore, avoid devastating consequences. We at Inspire Diagnostics can be that solution. Our Inspire Community Health COVID-19 Testing Program is a comprehensive and rapid COVID-19 testing solution that can scale to offer mass-scale testing to organizations with tens of thousands of members being tested on a regular basis.

To learn more about COVID-19 testing and how it can be incorporated into your back-to-work strategy, download our “Back to Business in the COVID-19 Era” white paper. The white paper will:

  • Provide an overview of testing methods/technologies
  • Review the key factors in deciding on the right tests to deploy
  • Outline the essential elements of a testing program

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