Safely Reopening Schools


Even while tens of thousands of new COVID-19 infections are still being reported daily in the U.S., schools everywhere are currently facing enormous pressure to get back to in-person academic activities. Keeping schools closed comes at an enormous economic and human cost to these institutions and their stakeholders, but also has far reaching implications for the entire economy. Just from a macroeconomic standpoint, long-term K-12 school closures cause massive workforce disruptions and lost productivity for businesses as workers must arrange childcare in order to be able to return to work. In addition, distance learning is now being widely criticized as a far inferior alternative to in-person instruction especially for many colleges and universities that are finding it increasingly difficult to justify their steep tuition rates for this form of instruction. For many schools, their long-term viability depends on finding a safe way to resume some form of on-campus instruction.

Given the dire consequences of an extended shutdown, schools need to consider any and all strategies to get their students safely back on campus. One key element that should be considered in a comprehensive COVID-19 back-to-campus strategy is the use of mass-scale COVID-19 testing. Our Inspire Community Health COVID-19 Testing Program is a comprehensive and rapid COVID-19 testing solution that can scale to offer mass-scale testing to organizations with tens of thousands of members being tested on a regular basis.

Download our “Back to Campus in the COVID-19 Era” white paper to learn more about COVID-19 testing and how it can be incorporated into your back-to-campus strategy. The white paper will:

  • Provide an overview of testing methods/technologies

  • Review the key factors in deciding on the right tests to deploy
  • Outline the essential elements of a testing program

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