COVID-19 testing and monitoring solutions to help get

Businesses and Society

moving again


As we have seen the global COVID-19 pandemic play out, wreaking havoc on our communities, bringing our global economy to a standstill, and stretching our healthcare system to the breaking point, Inspire Diagnostics’ mission is to apply technology and innovations in testing to help communities and businesses to safely get back to some semblance of order and normalcy in this new COVID-19 era. To that end, we have identified and partnered with best-in-class testing suppliers and test delivery organizations to develop a comprehensive COVID-19 testing and monitoring solution to help get businesses….and society, moving again.

Inspire Diagnostics is a subsidiary of Inspire Health Alliance, a managed services provider and consultancy to the healthcare industry which works with healthcare providers to introduce innovative care models that improve healthcare outcomes, lower costs and reduce risk through the application of technology. As a part of the broader Inspire Health Alliance organization, Inspire Diagnostics is able to leverage the significant industry domain knowledge and extensive network of trusted experts that Inspire Health Alliance has developed over many years serving the healthcare industry.

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