COVID-19 Testing

Inspire Diagnostics provides fast, accurate and convenient COVID-19 testing for travel, workplaces, schools and communities.

Inspire Diagnostics offers:

  • A portfolio of the latest COVID-19 tests including molecular tests supported by high throughput, CLIA certified labs and rapid point of care tests.
  • An end-to-end data platform that securely manages testing logistics and results reporting.
  • Convenient program management and local, on-site delivery of testing services.
Inspire Diagnostics
Testing Programs - Education


Integrated COVID-19 testing to keep students, faculty and staff safe for in-person education.

Testing Programs - Workplaces


Solution for employers to identify, control and mitigate the risk of workplace transmissions.

Testing Programs - Travel & Hospitality


COVID-19 testing solutions to satisfy pre-departure and re-entry travel requirements.

Testing Programs - Community Health


Partnering with local and regional organizations in bringing COVID-19 testing to your community.

Inspire Test Kit

Get Tested

Inspire Diagnostics partners with schools and universities, businesses and communities across our country to provide COVID-19 testing as activities return to normal.