Safely Reopening Businesses


COVID-19 will be a prominent issue moving forward, and businesses must consider every option in making a safe, workable environment. Despite the fluctuating rates of COVID-19 cases, the consequences of remaining closed for an extended period of time are often irreparable, displacing thousands of workers and causing vast economic drawbacks. Therefore, many businesses must reopen and safely remain open to stay afloat financially.

Operating a business often involves working in close quarters with hundreds of individuals, and although the work-from-home model is feasible in some cases, many businesses that rely on in-person contact will need to come up with solutions to make a demonstrably safe return to work. It is imperative for businesses to ensure health from the top down through thorough cleaning, adhering to CDC guidelines, and providing frequent testing for every working individual. COVID testing is continuously deemed an essential component in ensuring a safe environment. Testing can identify asymptomatic and symptomatic cases, and it is the only surefire way of tracking where the virus is spreading.

Our Inspire Community Health COVID-19 Testing Program is a comprehensive and rapid COVID-19 testing solution that can scale to offer mass-scale testing to organizations with tens of thousands of members being tested on a regular basis.

Download our “Back to Business in the COVID-19 Era” white paper to learn more about COVID-19 testing and how it can be incorporated into your back-to-business strategy. The whitepaper will:

  • Provide an overview of testing methods/technologies
  • Review the key factors in deciding on the right tests to deploy
  • Outline the essential elements of a testing program

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