Welcome to Inspire Diagnostics Virtual Testing Program

Our goal is to provide immediate COVID test results from the comfort of your home using self-administrated Antigen tests, proctored by our team via the covidtracker.org virtual testing program.

This document will explain the steps indivduals will need to complete in order to successfully administer and receive their test results.

Registration and Testing Process

Step 1: Sign into Inspire Diagnostic’s scheduling site, covidtracker.org.

Registration Process

Figure 1: Example of covidtracker.org registration email

Once you have successfully placed an order, an email (Figure 1) with credentials will be sent for their covidtracker.org account. Follow the instructions included in the email and change the password. Once logged in, you will be able to start scheduling your virtual observation appointment(s).

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment.

To schedule an appointment, follow the below steps.

  1. Select “Appointments” & “My Appoinment”
  2. Select “New”
Registration Process

Figure 2: Steps 1 and 2

  1. Select desired date.
    • 3a. If you have additional party members testing with you please add the number before following the remaining steps.
  2. “Search for Appointments”
  3. Select desired time.
Reg process

Figure 3: Steps 3, 3a, 4 and 5

Step 3: Appointment Confirmation & Rescheduling/Canceling Appointments

Reg process

Figure 4: Example confirmation email

After a date and time has been selected, you will receive a confirmation email including the confirmed date, time and zoom link for your video observation. (Figure 4).

To change or cancel your appointment, please log back into your account and open up your appointments. Select your desired action. (Figure 5).

Reg 5

Figure 5: Reschedule or cancel your appointment

Step 4: Test with an Inspire Proctor.

Please login to your session via the provided zoom link a few minutes before your scheduled appointment. Please note, we have a 5 minute cancelation policy. Meaning, if you show up 5 minutes after the scheduled time, the video observation will be considered a no-show and you will be required to schedule a new appointment or join the “walk-in” room.

Once logged onto the appointment an Inspire team member will walk you through the testing process. Users should allow 20 minutes for the process. 5-10 minutes to administer the test, and 10 minutes for results.

Step 5: Receive Results.

After the test and results have been completed. You will receive your results via the email and cell provided during registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

15-25 minutes.
5-10 minutes for the test and 10-15 minutes for the results.
Results will likely appear on your test after 3 minutes, but they can change so you should wait the full 10-15 minutes

Immediately following your proctored session, a report will be sent to the email and/or cell provided during the purchase of your order.

Example: Wrong birth date, last name is misspelled, etc.
Please email observer@inspirediagnostics.com with the correct information

The rapid antigen test is used to test to see if you currently have a COVID-19 infection. It is good to catch an infection but has lower accuracy than molecular (e.g. PCR) tests. The antigen test has an accuracy between 80% to 95% when someone is infected. A PCR test, the gold standard, has an accuracy of 98% to 100%.

  • Complete a confirmatory PCR test. Technicians will offer to walk you through the testing process if you have a PCR test provided by Inspire Diagnostics. If not, you can request one or get tested by a 3rd party.
  • Isolate and keep distance from others.
  • If you have to be in a room with others, you should wear a mask and gloves if available.
  • You should contact your local physician and refer to CDC guidelines for more information and instructions.

An antigen test provides rapid results.
PCR is a lab-processed molecular test. Results are provided after the lab receives and processes the test.

contents Antigen

Contents PCR

Results are provided 24-48 hours after Inspire Diagnostics’ lab receives the test. Users will be notified of their results via the email and cell phone number that was provided during registration.

For any questions or concerns concerning the testing process, please email observer@inspirediagnostics.com.