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November 2021

Exactly how worried should we be about the Omicron variant?

Inspire Diagnostics senior medical advisor Adrianna Bravo, MD, FAAP, weighs in on this question and more in her recent interview with

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Helping you get back to the things you love with peace of mind

Readily available and reliable rapid testing is one of the best ways to prevent unchecked spread of the highly transmissible coronavirus disease. Testing was the first important new tool we had during the pandemic, and it will continue to be. 

Here’s a brief video that includes a start-to-finish guide on how to conduct our COVID-19 antigen test.

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Local partnership news

Inspire Diagnostics is involved with Cape May County school districts in response to New Jersey Governor Murphy’s mandate for unvaccinated staff testing.

Looking for an end-to-end solutions provider that can get you back to focusing on curricular and co-curricular programs for your students? Get in touch today.

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OSHA’s emergency temporary standard

The Jan. 4 deadline for requiring U.S. workers to be vaccinated or tested weekly for COVID-19 is fast approaching. Depending on what the courts say, OSHA rules would require private-sector employers with 100 or more workers to ensure their employees get fully vaccinated or take a weekly COVID-19 test and wear a mask at work.

Let us help answer your questions. Reach out to learn more about what proactive measures our clients are taking, and to discuss how best to prepare: or 949-207-3315.

OSHA updates

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