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March 2022

Inspire Diagnostics: Photos from the field

We put the individuals we serve at the center of everything we do. Addressing one of the biggest threats to people’s health and livelihoods has been our collective pursuit. 

This month, we’re sharing highlights from our work in the field, which you can see here:


At Inspire, we know people are relying on our tests

So that they can visit loved ones with more confidence, travel, and get back to work and school. That’s why we are working around the clock to host more COVID-19 rapid test clinics as demand continues due to the new variant and a desire to get back to living our lives.


#ICYMI: Balancing the benefits and risks of mask-wearing

In case you missed it, we’re resharing our favorite quote from last month’s interview featuring Adrianna Bravo, MD, FAAP, senior medical advisor for Inspire Diagnostics.

Dr. Bravo calls her method to determine when and if to mask the “four A’s”:

1) Audit the COVID risk presented by the particular environment.
2) Assess your own personal COVID risk and your tolerance for that risk.
3) Acknowledge and adjust for the social emotional challenges that mask-wearing may present.
4) Act when you can to reduce risk and ease concerns of others.

She emphasizes that the same careful planning that schools, businesses, and entertainment venues used in developing risk mitigation strategies to open and stay open over the past 2 years needs to be applied to much of the “undoing” of risk mitigation measures, including that of mask-wearing.

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Healthline interview

CDC says we all have a role to play to help youth recover from challenges during COVID-19 

Schools are crucial partners in supporting the health and wellbeing of students. In addition to education, they provide opportunities for academic, social, mental health, and physical health services that can help protect against negative outcomes. Schools are facing unprecedented disruptions during the pandemic, however, and cannot address these complex challenges alone.

Press release

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