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June 2022

Happy Fourth of July!

From all of us at Inspire Diagnostics: May you, your friends, and your families enjoy a peaceful Independence Day together.

Experts expect subvariants to cause ‘substantial’ summer cases of COVID-19

Researchers discovered that BA.4 and BA.5 — subvariants of Omicron spreading in the United States — are “immune escapes,” adept at avoiding the antibodies the body produces after vaccination or infection to neutralize the virus.

We are continuing to test throughout the summer and the vast majority of our testing sites are open to public. Pictured above are members of our team conducting testing at Carlsbad High School in San Diego.

Updated flyers for summer testing and vaccination clinic hours

Check out our public testing sites and vaccination clinics in Northern California, open for the summer.

Skills your child needs to know before starting kindergarten

Worried your child is delayed from the pandemic? It isn’t too late to help many pandemic babies catch up.

Childhood is full of “firsts,” and your child starting kindergarten is up there with one of the biggest.

“It’s the start of a partnership between the parent and the child’s educational experience,” says Adrianna Bravo, MD, FAAP, pediatrician and senior medical advisor for Inspire Diagnostics. “This is an experience that will last for a long time—at least until high school and possibly into higher education.”

Here are some tips on what to do if you think your child isn’t hitting recommended developmental milestones.

Cases in the U.S.

Use this link to stay up to date on the pandemic with daily visualizations, analysis and interpretations of key data and trends

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