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April 2022

How to: proctored at-home COVID-19 test for Carnival Cruise travel

In this video, learn how to do an Inspire Diagnostics proctored at-home Covid test from Selena, a Carnival cruise traveler.

No more lines, no more wait times, no more barriers and no more inconveniences. Answers are now in your hands.

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Unisys U-Pass™ Digital Pass

All organizations, schools and events are vulnerable to pandemic-related risks, disruptions, and shutdowns that could jeopardize critical business operations.

With Unisys U-Pass™ digital pass, you can show pass/fail test results or vaccine status and with permission, access appropriate records on returning visitors and employees to ensure safer workplaces.

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COVID-19 variant proportions

Viruses are constantly changing, creating new variants. Protect yourself against the virus that causes COVID-19 by staying up to date on your COVID-19 vaccines. This can help slow the emergence of new variants.

Learn more about variants where you live.

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