Amy Hicks has an easier time than most testing her employees for the novel coronavirus.

Hicks owns and operates Rocky Mountain Labs, a clinical laboratory which completes medical tests for a range of businesses and individuals. It’s now one of the increasing numbers of Colorado laboratories that test people for the new coronavirus.

That means Hicks can quickly and easily test her 15 employees. She said that’s provided security for her lab technicians and phlebotomists, who have to work in close proximity with each other and patients.

Still, Hicks doesn’t know if she is making the most of the advantage.

“We haven’t had a formal plan,” she said. “It’s been basically like, ‘Hey, do you want to be tested? OK, let’s test you.’”

Other businesses in Colorado are starting to figure out those kinds of plans as sectors of the economy begin to reopen. Enormous employers like Amazon have announced efforts to frequently test their all employees.

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