Inspire Diagnostics is providing COVID-19 testing with no out-of-pocket cost to the individual.  We accept the reimbursed amount from the insurance company or, in the case of an uninsured individual, the federal program for uninsured persons (CARES Act) as payment for our services.  There is no amount owed by you to Inspire Diagnostics.

Insurance companies commonly send an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to their insured members showing the amount of benefit paid under their plan. Healthcare providers, including Inspire Diagnostics, submit claims at standard rates. Often, insurance companies reimburse at significant lower amounts.  An EOB may show the difference between the standard charge and actual reimbursed amount as an adjustment or patient responsibility.  An EOB, however, is not an invoice.

Certain plans reimburse the insured member instead of the healthcare provider. This occurs mostly in cases in which the healthcare provider is out of network with that plan. In these cases, we would ask that, if you receive payment from your plan, please deposit the check and send the same amount to Inspire Diagnostics. Please note the name of the person so that we can ensure the payment is applied to the proper claim.

Online payment link:

Inspire billing department number: (424) 220-3952