Frequently Asked Questions

Disney Cruise Line Pre-Sail Testing Service

Guests under the age of 5 must take a Pre Sail PCR test as a pre-requisite to be cleared to arrive at port on their sail date.

Guests that have just turned 5 are given a 35 day grace period to become fully vaccinated to sail. If your child falls within this grace period and are not fully vaccinated, they must take a Pre Sail PCR test to be cleared to arrive at port on their sail date. If the child is outside the 35 day grace period window, the child MUST be fully vaccinated to sail.

Inspire’s PCR Home Test Kit needs to be administered 3 days prior to your cruise and mailed back on the same date that the test was taken. To correctly calculate your day, your sail date counts as day zero.

Once the test sample reaches the lab it takes about a day to process the tests to receive results.

Inspire PCR Home Test Kit:
Ordered through Safe Passage

On-site testing with Inspire:
Appointment made through Safe Passage. Appointments must be made for 3-1 days prior to your sail date.

3rd Party:
Must be a PCR or NAAT test taken 3-1 days prior to sailing. Must have a lab report for the test results. Antigen tests are NOT accepted for Pre Sail tests.

No. Same day PCR test results for Pre Sail tests are not accepted. Pre Sail tests are a requirement for an unvaccinated minor to be clear to arrive at port. Unvaccinated guests undergo a mandatory embarkation test at port to let them embark the ship.