The Inspire Community Health Testing Program offers organizations convenient on-site COVID-19 testing with real-time results

The Inspire Community Health testing program provides organizations with a comprehensive turn-key on-site COVID-19 testing and monitoring program to ensure the safety of their community, reduce the risk of costly organizational disruptions due to potential COVID-19 outbreaks, and create a safe environment for all members.

At the core of the program is the regularly scheduled testing of your organization using cost-effective and accurate on-site rapid COVID-19 tests for which test results are available in minutes.

Rapid Results Testing

Our COVID-19 testing solution provides cost-effective rapid testing for your workforce/ community with results in as little as 10 minutes.

Why Test?

A comprehensive, rapid testing & monitoring program can provide a much stronger defense against COVID-19 infiltrating your workplace.

Testing Overview

The differences between a COVID-19 viral test vs antibody test, laboratory vs point-of-care, and stick tests vs automated analyzer tests.

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